Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Month Post-op

Here I am, one month post-op and feeling pretty good.  I am finally over the flu, it lasted for almost two weeks.  I still have a small cough.  I really can't believe how bad this flu season has been.  Anyway, I'm at a stall right now.  I really haven't lost much in the past couple weeks.  I go for my one month followup on Thursday, so hopefully they'll understand.  I read that stalls at about 3 weeks post op are pretty common, so I'm trying not to freak out about it.

I'm on soft foods now.  That means I can add in foods that can be easily chewed, like lunch meat and cheese.  This makes me very happy!  It's more real food.  By the way, all that sugar free jello that I made is still in my fridge.  I probably ate four of them after surgery.  I'm going to have to enlist the help of my children to get rid of them. 

I'm having some issues with protein shakes.  It takes me forever to drink them, they fill me up so fast and then I don't want to eat anything afterwards.  I guess I'll talk to the dietitian about that on Thursday.  If I can have just one I think I can get the rest of the protein I need from regular food.  We'll see I guess. I am very happy about being able to eat something solid, though!  I'll be on the soft food stage for two months. 

While on purees, one of my favorite foods was refried beans.  I topped it with some cheese, salsa and sour cream.  It was delicious.  I tried some chili, but I don't know if I ate it too fast or if it just didn't agree with me, but it was painful and I regretted it all night and even the next morning.  Pureed meat was just gross.  I tried pureeing it myself and I tried baby food.  The best way was some chicken & gravy baby food over a little mashed potatoes.  I love love loved Progresso Tomato Basil soup with some parmesan cheese mixed in.  V8 Roasted Red Pepper soup was very good too, but it had a lot of little stuff in it and I was scared to eat much of it.  Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I ate a Hershey's Kiss.  It tasted very good and went down easy.  I hope my husband eats them fast so I won't have any more!

I think I'm going to go renew my membership at Curves.  I've always liked the workout there.  I got very discouraged in the past because I always lost a few inches but I rarely lost any pounds.  Now that I have my sleeve, I know that will change and hopefully make for a more rewarding workout. 

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  1. You look very different to me. Maybe it's the outfit, but you look noticeably slimmer!
    I'm jealous of your getting to eat pureed meat. I love it! lol!! I esp. love the baby food kind. I would end up eating every jar before I could feed them to the boys. Sick, I know!