Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken Stall!

So, I gained about 3 pounds in the past month.  Finally, over the weekend, the scale has started to move back down and I have lost all 3 pounds!  I'm so excited about this.  I hope that means this stall is broken and I will continue to lose.

I've done a crazy amount of walking lately.  Of course, some of that was because I was shopping, but that counts!  I took several thousand steps in a day so I'm definitely counting it.  I've been doing a little regular walking, too, of course.  I did my first workout at Curves this morning.  It was just like I remembered it.  I plan on going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after I drop the kids off at school and then go for at least 30 minute walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I put on my pedometer this morning only to discover that it's broken, so I need a new one.  My iPod Nano 6G has a pedometer on it, and I've used it, but I don't want to waste the battery by having it on all day - and it was a little expensive so I certainly don't want to risk losing it!

Today, I got my eyes checked out.  Got new contacts and ordered some new glasses, can't wait for them to come in, they are really cute.  I had some dental work done last Friday, the right side of my face was numb all afternoon and evening.  My husband took me to Red Lobster that evening.  I ate half of a lobster tail and about 3/4 of my snow crab legs.  The next day for lunch, I had leftover garlic shrimp scampi and the rest of my lobster tail.  It was all so delicious and went down my sleeve quite nicely, without that stuck in the throat feeling that I get from most other things.  I only wish Red Lobster wasn't so expensive!  Since seafood fit so nicely, I tried fresh fish by eating a Starkist Lunch To Go the next day for lunch.  Again, delicious and easy on the sleeve.  Of course, I only ate a couple of the crackers, though.  As if I didn't get my fill, I took my daughter to Long John Silvers today and got the grilled Pacific Salmon.  It wasn't too bad, but not near as good as those crab legs!

Anyway... Wednesday night I have to give a speech so I bought a new outfit.  I'm unsure if I should wear the belt or not.  Here's a pic of both.  I also bought a new big barrel curling iron to try a new hairstyle and I love how it turned out!


  1. I knew it, I saw you at Red Lobster and I couldn't be sure it was you. You look so good, I told my husband I think that is Disappearing Me but since I did not know your first name didn't wanna freak you out. I know we all read everywhere that stalls are normal but that still doesn't make them easier. Keep up the good correction great work. Also check out the the three and five day sleeve tests they seem to help my stalls :O)

  2. Yes, that was me! Next time say hi, my name is Lisa. Are you on Facebook? If so, look me up.

  3. Glad your stall broke! Woo hoo! I definitely eat more seafood now post-sleeve than ever before. Oh and I vote no belt, it chops you in half. :-)

  4. :) You look great! I vote "no belt," too.