Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken Stall!

So, I gained about 3 pounds in the past month.  Finally, over the weekend, the scale has started to move back down and I have lost all 3 pounds!  I'm so excited about this.  I hope that means this stall is broken and I will continue to lose.

I've done a crazy amount of walking lately.  Of course, some of that was because I was shopping, but that counts!  I took several thousand steps in a day so I'm definitely counting it.  I've been doing a little regular walking, too, of course.  I did my first workout at Curves this morning.  It was just like I remembered it.  I plan on going every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after I drop the kids off at school and then go for at least 30 minute walks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I put on my pedometer this morning only to discover that it's broken, so I need a new one.  My iPod Nano 6G has a pedometer on it, and I've used it, but I don't want to waste the battery by having it on all day - and it was a little expensive so I certainly don't want to risk losing it!

Today, I got my eyes checked out.  Got new contacts and ordered some new glasses, can't wait for them to come in, they are really cute.  I had some dental work done last Friday, the right side of my face was numb all afternoon and evening.  My husband took me to Red Lobster that evening.  I ate half of a lobster tail and about 3/4 of my snow crab legs.  The next day for lunch, I had leftover garlic shrimp scampi and the rest of my lobster tail.  It was all so delicious and went down my sleeve quite nicely, without that stuck in the throat feeling that I get from most other things.  I only wish Red Lobster wasn't so expensive!  Since seafood fit so nicely, I tried fresh fish by eating a Starkist Lunch To Go the next day for lunch.  Again, delicious and easy on the sleeve.  Of course, I only ate a couple of the crackers, though.  As if I didn't get my fill, I took my daughter to Long John Silvers today and got the grilled Pacific Salmon.  It wasn't too bad, but not near as good as those crab legs!

Anyway... Wednesday night I have to give a speech so I bought a new outfit.  I'm unsure if I should wear the belt or not.  Here's a pic of both.  I also bought a new big barrel curling iron to try a new hairstyle and I love how it turned out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time To Get Down & Dirty

Bad news first - I gained another pound and was up to 238.  But, the good news is that I've already lost it.  Hopefully that's a good sign that this stall is breaking.  I've been getting in more protein than I was and I'm also increasing my fluids.  I am so ready to start losing again! 

I think it's time to get down and dirty and really step it up a notch.  I just finished my morning workout.  It was a simple work out, though, I did Just Dance 2 for the Wii.  Later today, I'll go for a's if it warms up.  There was sleet this morning, ick.  I have plans on Friday to renew my Curves membership.  Despite having lost 50 lbs, I'm still not in good shape.  I'm also hoping that having a regular workout routine will not only strengthen my muscles, but that it'll boost my metabolism and create such a calorie deficit that I'll be losing even faster.  Of course, right now any loss is faster, but you know what I mean. 

We went shopping over the weekend and I came across the workout outfit in the picture above.  I got it at Fashion Bug, top and pants for just $10 all together!  I was so happy with that find.  And, it matches the new shoes I bought not long ago at Payless.  You can click the picture of the shoes to the right to get your own pair, they are on sale for just $30.  They are very comfortable and great for walking!  I haven't tried running in them, but I had a dream that I did and they performed beautifully.  I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to be able to run again.  In my dream, it was so much fun.  Speaking of dreaming, I've been dreaming a lot lately.  I think this means that my hypopnea is gone!  I haven't dreamed in so long because my sleep was constantly interrupted due to shallowing breathing.  They took my cpap away a few weeks ago because I couldn't get the hang of using it.  They called me non-compliant.  I really hate that word.  Anyone knows me knows that I'm one of the most by the rules people there is, I just couldn't get the hang of that stupid machine.  I'm happy it's gone! 

I've been doing a 31 day photo challenge on Facebook.  Yesterday's was to post a picture of a bad habit you wish you didn't have.  I posted a picture of me weighing myself.  It really is a bad habit.  I do it every day and I know I should only do it once a week.  I told my husband to hide the scale, but he never did.  So, I just keep weighing.  But, the fact that I lost a pound this morning gave me hope.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day! 

I apologize for my yucky looking legs and feet.  They are splotchy because I have scabies scars.  I'm hoping they fade, but so far they haven't.  I also desperately need a pedicure!  But, you at least get a view of my precious little angel's footprints.  Those, my friends, are actually size.  She was so tiny, weighing in at only 1lb 3oz.  I had her footprints tattooed on my ankle so that wherever I make footprints, hers will be there, too. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ABCs of Me

I saw Julie do this and it looked like fun!

(A) Age: 33
(B) Bed Size: Queen.  The more weight I lose, the bigger it seems!
(C) Chore You Hate: Dishes.  I'd rather scrub the toilet.
(D) Dogs? We have a Golden Retriever that we adopted from the humane shelter.
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item:  Coffee
(F) Favorite Color: In general - pink and blue.  Reminds me of babies.  I LOVE babies!!  To wear - I prefer browns and oranges.
(G) Gold or Silver? Silver
(H) Height: 5 ft 3 in
(I) Instruments You Play: Percussion and some piano.
(J) Job Title: Executive Director
(K) Kids: Six year old twin boys and a five year old girl.  Also, a little angel girl who would have been seven this year.
(L) Live:  Beautiful but economically depressed Southern Illinois.
(M) Mom's Name: Vickie
(N) Nicknames: Just Lisa.  Can't shorten that too much.
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Way too many to count.  My first was when I delivered my first (stillborn) daughter.  Then I spent several weeks in the hospital while pregnant with my twins, ending in a c-section.  Two months later, I was back in the hospital for a week with pancreatitis, had my gallbladder removed.  A year later, my second daughter and last child was born via c-section.  Finally, I spent a few nights in the hospital after my sleeve.
(P) Pet Peeve: I can't stand when people don't type normal words, both on the internet and in text messages.
(Q) Quote from a Movie:  (I don't typically curse)  Dolores Claiborne - "Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to."
(R) Right or Left Handed? Right
(S) Siblings: Two younger sisters and one younger brother.
(T) Time You Wake Up? 6:00 am.
(U) Underwear: I love boy shorts.
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: Turnips.  No can do!
(W) What Makes You Run Late: Kids!
(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: Chest (pre-op), hand (slammed in car door), ankle (sprained) abdomen (check for stent placement.)
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Everyone raves about my baked beans.
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Gorillas

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Having a Fun Four Day Weekend!

We have a four day weekend, yay!  It's been so nice to relax a bit.  Yesterday, while we were out and about, we made a spontaneous visit to Jeremy "Boo" Rochman Memorial Park in Carbondale, IL (also known as Castle Park.)  It was built by parents in memory of their son who loved Dungeons & Dragons.  There are many sculptures, including a "life size" dragon that children can climb on.  There are wizards, trolls, a unicorn and a pegasus.  There's also a gorgeous fountain and a castle you can go in that's like a maze.  It's a wonderful park and it's privately owned.  See this Youtube video for a better look or look at pictures on Flickr.  So, my opening picture is me standing next to a Lochness Monster type dragon which rises and falls in and out of the ground.  I think this picture is a great one, showing off how much weight I've lost!  I went back to Cato yesterday and even bought a pair of size 20 jeans.  I'm wearing them now.  Love them!

I'm also sitting here, finally recovering from lunch.  I was just going to eat some crab meat but my husband suggested Chinese.  So, he brought home some takeout and I ate a few soft things.  But, my sleeve protested it.  I don't know if it was one specific thing or Chinese in general.  Maybe I just ate it too fast.  Either way, it's not the healthiest and I should have known better!

I have to make my way to the grocery store at some point today.  I'm thinking of buying some tofu.  Does anyone have any tofu recipes they would like to share?  Oh, I also drank some coffee this morning.  It was delicious.  I only used 1/2 caff though, and added splenda and Coffee Mate Fat Free Original Creamer - only 10 calories, no fat and very little carbs.  For the small amount I can drink, it really doesn't amount to much.  And I loved it.

I'm still stalled.  In fact, I've gained 2 pounds (probably shouldn't have had that Chinese today for this sole reason!)  I felt a little backed up so I took some Milk of Magnesia.  Hopefully that'll help.  Also, I finally got a different multivitamin.  I couldn't stand the orange flavored Bariatric Advantage ones.  I got some french vanilla instead.  They are better, not great, but at least they aren't coming back up!  I also ordered some Celebrate Lemon Creme Calcet Bites because I can't stand the Bariatric Advantage Cherry Calcium Citrate Lozenges.  They are way too sweet!  I have tried a sample of the lemon calcet bites and they were delicious, can't wait for them to come in.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feeding My Sleeve

It is simply gorgeous in Southern Illinois today.  The temperature is a comfy 70 degrees F, the sun is out, wind is mild and it's just beautiful.  When I got dressed this morning, I found that I had no clothes that were really appropriate for this weather.  Almost every piece of clothing I own is too big for me now.  I'm down to a couple t-shirts and a couple pair of jeans.  So, I decided to go shopping.  I went to Cato (one of my favorite stores) and right there in the fitting room, I felt like crying tears of joy.  I could wear a size 20!  Only four months ago, I was in a 26/28.  Wow, just amazing.  So, I bought two pair of capris, three shirts and a pair of flip flops.  I wasn't going to buy any new clothes for awhile, was going to hit up some thrift shops, but I just couldn't resist.  It really has been a happy day because of this, so proud of myself.  Yet, I'm still in disbelief.  My mom says she's very proud of me, everyone says I look great.  Even a former boyfriend (who I'm still on good terms with obviously) said that there is a dramatic difference.  I really needed this today.  I've been a little discouraged because I've been on a stall.  The stall came about a week and half ago, while I was sick with the flu and just starting purees.  Now, I'm on soft foods and the scale still isn't budging.  I hope it starts back up soon.  I will go see my surgeon tomorrow for my one month followup.

You may be wondering what I can eat now.  I've moved on to soft foods.  Things that can be chewed easily and are soft. Tonight, I made dinner for my family for the first time post-op.  Actually, that's not true.  I've made convenience foods for them, but last night is the first night I've actually made something nice that I can sit down and eat, too.  I made steak, green beans and au gratin potatoes.  Wait, you say?  I'm not supposed to eat steak?  Well, this steak is incredibly tender, and I could actually cut it with a fork.  It's simple to chew and feels fine in my sleeve, so I'm counting it as a soft food.  It's Loggins New York Strip Steak and I found it in the frozen meat section at Walmart.  They were a little pricey, but considering I used to pay about $8 per ribeye, I figured it's a fair trade off.   They aren't as tasty as a ribeye, but it'll have to do for now.

Above, you see a photo of my dinner plate before I began eating.  Note that it's not a full size plate, it's a salad plate.  Also, please excuse my table.  It's a hand me down that's been handed down many times.  I'm planning on buying a nice dining room set in the very near future.  What you see is 3 oz of New York Strip Steak, 1 Tbsp of green beans and 1.5 Tbsp of au gratin potatoes.
 To the right, you see my finished plate.  I ate about 1/2 of the 3 oz. steak, most of the green beans and about 1/4 of the potatoes.  I'm full.  Notice my fork has some potatoes on it.  I was about to take another bite, but then I started to "feel" it and knew it was time to stop.  Okay folks, here's the tally for my dinner:

Calories:  68
Protein:  8.4 grams
Carbs:  3.3 grams
Fat:  2 grams

I was very satisfied.  Dinner was great!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One Month Post-op

Here I am, one month post-op and feeling pretty good.  I am finally over the flu, it lasted for almost two weeks.  I still have a small cough.  I really can't believe how bad this flu season has been.  Anyway, I'm at a stall right now.  I really haven't lost much in the past couple weeks.  I go for my one month followup on Thursday, so hopefully they'll understand.  I read that stalls at about 3 weeks post op are pretty common, so I'm trying not to freak out about it.

I'm on soft foods now.  That means I can add in foods that can be easily chewed, like lunch meat and cheese.  This makes me very happy!  It's more real food.  By the way, all that sugar free jello that I made is still in my fridge.  I probably ate four of them after surgery.  I'm going to have to enlist the help of my children to get rid of them. 

I'm having some issues with protein shakes.  It takes me forever to drink them, they fill me up so fast and then I don't want to eat anything afterwards.  I guess I'll talk to the dietitian about that on Thursday.  If I can have just one I think I can get the rest of the protein I need from regular food.  We'll see I guess. I am very happy about being able to eat something solid, though!  I'll be on the soft food stage for two months. 

While on purees, one of my favorite foods was refried beans.  I topped it with some cheese, salsa and sour cream.  It was delicious.  I tried some chili, but I don't know if I ate it too fast or if it just didn't agree with me, but it was painful and I regretted it all night and even the next morning.  Pureed meat was just gross.  I tried pureeing it myself and I tried baby food.  The best way was some chicken & gravy baby food over a little mashed potatoes.  I love love loved Progresso Tomato Basil soup with some parmesan cheese mixed in.  V8 Roasted Red Pepper soup was very good too, but it had a lot of little stuff in it and I was scared to eat much of it.  Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  I ate a Hershey's Kiss.  It tasted very good and went down easy.  I hope my husband eats them fast so I won't have any more!

I think I'm going to go renew my membership at Curves.  I've always liked the workout there.  I got very discouraged in the past because I always lost a few inches but I rarely lost any pounds.  Now that I have my sleeve, I know that will change and hopefully make for a more rewarding workout. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Have the Flu

Sorry to anyone I've left hanging *cough* Free Julie *cough*.  Long story short- I started purees on Monday and by Tuesday evening I came down with the flu.  My whole family has had it and I thought I was lucky enough to avoid it, but Tuesday evening, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Coughing, sneezing, stuffiness, headache, fever but most of all dizziness.  It's been awful. 

I had my two week post-op followup today.  My surgeon is concerned about the coughing causing stress to the staple line, so I went to my PCP to get it checked out.  She gave me an inhaler and robitussin with codeine.  Now if I can just get rid of the stuffiness.  It hurts a bit when I cough, so I'm hoping I'm not compromising anything.  I really can't stress just how awful I feel right now.  I haven't even eaten since Tuesday because of the flu, and am having a little trouble getting all of my fluids in.  But, I'm drinking Powerade Zero and Smart Water (recommended by my surgeon because of electrolytes.) 

Sorry that's it for an update right now.  Hopefully I'll be on the mend soon.