Saturday, February 19, 2011

Having a Fun Four Day Weekend!

We have a four day weekend, yay!  It's been so nice to relax a bit.  Yesterday, while we were out and about, we made a spontaneous visit to Jeremy "Boo" Rochman Memorial Park in Carbondale, IL (also known as Castle Park.)  It was built by parents in memory of their son who loved Dungeons & Dragons.  There are many sculptures, including a "life size" dragon that children can climb on.  There are wizards, trolls, a unicorn and a pegasus.  There's also a gorgeous fountain and a castle you can go in that's like a maze.  It's a wonderful park and it's privately owned.  See this Youtube video for a better look or look at pictures on Flickr.  So, my opening picture is me standing next to a Lochness Monster type dragon which rises and falls in and out of the ground.  I think this picture is a great one, showing off how much weight I've lost!  I went back to Cato yesterday and even bought a pair of size 20 jeans.  I'm wearing them now.  Love them!

I'm also sitting here, finally recovering from lunch.  I was just going to eat some crab meat but my husband suggested Chinese.  So, he brought home some takeout and I ate a few soft things.  But, my sleeve protested it.  I don't know if it was one specific thing or Chinese in general.  Maybe I just ate it too fast.  Either way, it's not the healthiest and I should have known better!

I have to make my way to the grocery store at some point today.  I'm thinking of buying some tofu.  Does anyone have any tofu recipes they would like to share?  Oh, I also drank some coffee this morning.  It was delicious.  I only used 1/2 caff though, and added splenda and Coffee Mate Fat Free Original Creamer - only 10 calories, no fat and very little carbs.  For the small amount I can drink, it really doesn't amount to much.  And I loved it.

I'm still stalled.  In fact, I've gained 2 pounds (probably shouldn't have had that Chinese today for this sole reason!)  I felt a little backed up so I took some Milk of Magnesia.  Hopefully that'll help.  Also, I finally got a different multivitamin.  I couldn't stand the orange flavored Bariatric Advantage ones.  I got some french vanilla instead.  They are better, not great, but at least they aren't coming back up!  I also ordered some Celebrate Lemon Creme Calcet Bites because I can't stand the Bariatric Advantage Cherry Calcium Citrate Lozenges.  They are way too sweet!  I have tried a sample of the lemon calcet bites and they were delicious, can't wait for them to come in.


  1. Cute picture! And definitely keep trying on the vitamins, you don't want to fall behind. I have the lemon and chocolate calcet, they are ok. Hubby likes them more than I do. I use strawberry creme chewable citrate from Celebrate...chalky but manageable.