Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm My Own Saboteur

I've been on this liquid protein diet for two weeks now.  Breakfast is no problem.  I'm actually liking my lattes and mochas.  Lunch is getting tricky, though.  I don't like having the shake for lunch.  I need some real food.  I get so hungry and it's just not cutting it.  I'm going to try some broth, and wishing I had some unflavored protein powder to put in it.  I'm worried that I'm going to continue hating the lunch time shakes and being so hungry, that I'm going to sabotage the whole thing.  It's so easy to just grab something and eat it when I'm hungry.  I don't think it's head hunger, my stomach is actually growling.  Between breakfast and lunch, I'm lucky to get in 300-400 calories.  I can't wait to see the nutritionist.  If I could forego the lunch time shake for a can of Progresso Soup, that would help so much.  I can't imagine doing this for another 2 months before surgery.  Two weeks, maybe.  If anyone has any suggestions, I am open to them! 

Here are the guidelines I was given:

Two options exist:

1.  You will be able to have four protein shakes/drinks per day, for approximately 1000 calories a day.  The rest of the day, you will take clear liquids only, aiming for 64-72 ounces total fluid daily.  Clear liquids include: beef, chicken or vegetable broth; coffee or tea with or without artificial sweetener (no cream or milk); Kool-Aid; Gatorade; Crystal Light; Propel; Popsicles; Jello and water.


2.  You will be able to have two protein shakes/drinks per day and one small to moderate meal consisting of a lean protein source and a salad or vegetable.  You must keep the total daily caloric value to 1000 kcal per day.  The rest of the day, you will take clear liquids, aiming for 64-72 ounces total fluid daily, as above.


  1. I liked the broth. But it (sorry for the TMI) gave me the runs. I found a nice broth flavor in the spanish food section. Made it interesting.

  2. My stomach growled while I was on stupid pre-op shakes and it was no head hunger. I only had to do it for two weeks, so I'm crossing my thumbs and sending you all the positive vibes that I can to get through this.

    Hang in there