Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Putting My Plan Into Motion

I have tried several diets, weight loss pills and nothing has worked. Those that did work were only short term. I went low carb about 6 years ago and actually lost over 70 lbs. The problem was that I gained over 100 back. I am now at 279, just 8 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight ever. I am very unhappy with my body and have some other issues that might be because of my weight. I have hypertension, elevated cholesterol and have recently developed some heart issues. I am fortunate not to have had to deal with anything like diabetes.

I am doing this because I need this change. My body needs it as well as my mind. I am always so run down, and with three young children home, it just takes all I have to keep up with them. This weight loss surgery is actually part of a 5 phase plan to take back my life.

The first phase is my home life - my marriage, my children and my house. This includes building a stronger marriage, being there more for my kids, and working to keep my house in order.

The second phase is my health. This includes eating healthy, detoxing from caffeine, and having weight loss surgery.

The third phase is education - I am returning to school to finish my social work degree with a plan to go into perinatal hospice.

The fourth phase is financial. This includes taking care of all debts and eventually start saving and investing.

The fifth phase is fun. This includes anything that make me happy - from a night out with friends to a night in scrapbooking.

This list was made about a year and a half ago and I'm happy to say that I am still working on it. My marriage is in a much better place than it was. My house still seems to be in a constant state of clutter. I really think I have some hoarding tendencies but it's actually been kind of fun to start throwing things out. We had three yard sales over the summer and have gotten rid of so much, yet we still have a lot to go.

My health has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. I had a nuclear stress test last week due to some concerns and am still waiting to get the report back. The caffeine detox isn't happening. It will, though. I don't want to totally give it up, but I'd like to go a few days without having it and not have to worry about a headache. The biggest part of Phase 2 will be the weight loss surgery. More on that later - after all, that is what this blog is about.

Phase 3 has been well underway for about three semesters now and I'm happy to say that I've even been inducted into the honor society. My GPA is high and I plan on applying for some scholarships when I transfer from the community college to the university.

Phase 4 has taken a back seat. My husband had a traumatic accident in January and has been off work since then. So, we're kind of living paycheck (er.. workers comp check) to paycheck right now. We'll get out of the hole eventually.

Phase 5, regrettably, has not even been touched. I've barely done anything fun. Maybe that's why I've developed heart issues. Someone needs to give me a swift kick in the butt and make me go have some fun.

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  1. I love your plan and how you made it into 5 different phases. And you have made some great progress on most of them. Best of luck to you!!