Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm About To Get Real

98.6 lbs gone!  I'm only 1.4 pounds away from being able to say I've lost 100 lbs.  So exciting!  I'm wearing a size 14 now.  Interestingly, my shoe size has also dropped.  I've went from a 7 Wide to a 6 1/2.

My eating habits have taken a turn for he worse.  I mean they've gotten bad.  Carbs and sugar every day.  I decided to do something about it and went all liquid protein for a day.  The most unbelievable thing happened.  My tolerance for sugar and fried foods went out the window!  I am now getting sick when I eat something I shouldn't.  This is new, and I don't know if has anything to do with going liquid for a day but that's when it started.  I'm going to count this as a blessing.  A deterrent.  Hopefully this will help get me back on track.

I've started drinking my morning coffee with a scoop of protein.  Sometimes I'll add some coffee creamer, too.  A cup of coffee with Nectar Vanilla Bean Torte and Coffeemate Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie is to die for!  Absolutely delicious.  I know it's a few extra calories, but it's better than a lot of things I can think of for breakfast.... like donuts!  Um yeah, I don't know if I want to get started on that.  I was in Schnucks a few weeks ago and saw a fried croissant.  I used to love those, so I thought I'd just get one.  Well, that one turned into three or four over the next couple weeks.  This, my friends, is exactly why I decided I needed to do a day of liquids to try to get myself back on track.  I'm still not back on track, but it's much better than it was! I'm focusing on protein first but that sweet snack is killing me.  I have to stop.  Now.

Classes are just about over for the semester.  I took two finals today and have one more in a couple days.  I'll be so glad to be finished this semester!  Looks like as long as I passed all of my classes, I have my Associate's Degree.  Then, I'm taking the spring semester of and starting back up at the university next fall to finish my bachelor's.  Hopefully, it'll be on to my master's after that!

Okay, time to get real.  I'm still having body issues.  Lots of body issues.  I see myself and I look so big to me in the mirror.  It's only when I look at a picture do I actually see me.  My clothes are starting to fit a little better, but I'm still struggling with a lot of extra skin.  I have a bit more fat to lose, but I'm getting a lot more toned now.  I think it's because I do a lot of squatting and lifting at work, I'm strengthening my muscles.  Even my husband and my doctor have noticed.  I can actually see my muscles when I flex.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, no matter how much I work out and how much I tone, I am not going to lose the extra skin and a bunch of fat is going to continue hanging around.

So tonight I leave you with a couple pictures of a 34 year old woman who let her body go for 15 years, getting larger and larger.  A woman who has had 4 babies, two of them being twins.  A woman who reached the whopping weight of 286 lbs and has lost 78% of her excess body weight.  This is for all those pre-op patients out there wondering what their body will look like after they have lost weight.  I can't say that you'll look like me.  Maybe you'll be lucky and your skin will bounce back.  Mine won't.  The only way for me to get rid of this now is plastic surgery.  Once my BMI hits 30 (it's now 32) I am to return to my plastic surgeon for a followup.  This, folks, is why I wear Spanx.


  1. You're way braver than I ever will be! But it's good to be real. Why not? I mean, the world is so used to FAKE FAKE FAKE, it's time people became more real and not afraid of truths. Gooooo lisa!

  2. Well, I'm not that brave. I left my head out of the pictures for a reason!

  3. YOU ARE ALMOST AT -100LBS YAY YAY YAY! And I agree you are very brave. I too still am dealing with body image issues, when there are days that I just feel fat (even though I bought my first pair of size 10's last week!) So yeah it's going to take a while for my mind to catch up!

  4. Your thighs are tiny! I'm right where you are -- size 14s, and I have some loose skin in my belly area. Still, I prefer the loose skin to the fat. :) It is amazing that you used to fit into the jeans from the first photo.

  5. What a super cute post - and you are brave! Now, keep track of the page views on your blog for this entry, haha. My "nefarious swimsuit photos" entry has had a bazillion hits and when I see that, it sometimes makes me wish I weren't so brave. ;)

    You have just done such a great job, Lisa, I am very impressed! I love following your progress and am always happy to see a blog entry from you.

  6. You have done an amazing job so far. WOW! I know all to well on the excess skin part, I have it terrible in my stomach area too, no matter how much I work out it doesn't seem to go away but get saggier and saggier.

  7. I think you look great!!!!! I may need a sleeve revision soon but I am so grateful for my sleeve! :)

    - Lisa

  8. Sexy Undies! You are an inspiration! I just found your blog... I had a lapband installed in March of 2010, I got 1/2 way through my journey and now I am working at being revised to the Gastric Bypass to get the rest of the way to goal. I am happy to be a new follower. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa:Blogger from "This One Time at Band Camp... 1 vs 300" Follow my journey at