Monday, March 7, 2011

Shirataki and New Scale

I saw Shirataki noodles on Dr. Oz a few months ago and have read posts about them on weight loss surgery forums, but had never been able to find them until recently.  I picked them up from the Neighborhood Co-op at less than $2/package.  I bought one package of spaghetti and one package of fettuccine.  A lot of people have complained about them having a fishy smell and a weird texture.  I read up on them before I prepared them.  First, I cut the package open (found in refrigerated section with tofu) and drained it into a colander.  Next, I rinsed the heck out of them with cold water. 

When I thought it was probably enough rinsing, I rinsed twice as long.  Then, I put them into a small sauce pan, covered with water and boiled them for about 5 minutes.  There was absolutely no fishy taste.  They were a little rubbery, but it was fine.  I topped them with some ground beef and Ragu Roasted Red Pepper & Onion spaghetti sauce.  Oh, don't forget the parmesan!  It was absolutely delicious.  I ate maybe 1/4 cup all together.  The shirataki noodles are made of tofu and yam flour.  They have a whopping 20 calories, 3g carbs, 2g fiber and 1g protein for a 4oz serving (which most weight loss surgery patients wouldn't come close to eating.) 
I liked them so much, and there were so many leftovers, that I but them in small containers and refrigerated them overnight.  I ate another serving for lunch today, and they were still fabulous.  In fact, they may have been better because they had all night to soak up the delicious flavor of the spaghetti sauce.  Will I use shirataki again?  Most definitely!  In fact, I already have plans for the fettuccine one, some grilled chicken and alfredo sauce.  I might throw some peas, carrots and mushrooms in for good measure.  I'd also like to try Dreamfields pasta.  They have an elbow macaroni that I know I could do wonders with! 

Today, I bought a brand new scale.  I had been wanting a new one, so when I saw this at Walmart, I had to have it.  Not only does it measure your weight and body fat, it measure hydration - a must for any weight loss surgery patient!  It's by Health o Meter and it cost about $30.  Maybe a little pricey for a scale, but I think the hydration reading will pay off.  I already saw that I wasn't as hydrated as I should be.  It read 35%, when I should be 50%.  Looks like it's time to drink some more water! 
If you're looking for a scale, definitely check this one out, especially if you're having issues staying hydrated.  It will store information for two users.  You can use the scale without the body fat and hydration reading as well.  This scale is not for people who have pacemakers, as it uses an electrical signal through the body to give the readings.  Happy Weighing!

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  1. Wow, I have never heard of those noodles. Interesting! And that scale looks awesome, I bet it's nice to have all that info in one place!