Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Surgery Date!

I got some big news yesterday - my surgery date!  I've been stressing about this a little bit because I was afraid it may interfere with college.  Classes start back up on January 18th.  I'm scheduled for January 10th!  This is perfect timing.

I'll be able to send my twins on the bus to school, not a problem.  But, my daughter is in pre-k and I have to drive her to and from school.  I may have mentioned that my husband had a serious accident last January when he fell from a roof at work, and he's still not totally recovered.  He'll never go back to roofing again, so he has also went back to school, which also starts on January 18th.  So, he'll be able to at least take my daughter to school and hopefully I'll be able to pick her up. 

I also learned yesterday that my insurance does not require pre-approval, which is amazing.  It only requires documentation that the procedure was medically necessary (which is no problem!)  The only hurdle that I have left to get past is the psychological clearance.  Frankly, I am a little nervous about that.  Mostly, because it's the sleep study doctor who will be doing the evaluation and I'm having some major issues with the CPAP.  Hopefully those will be cleared up after I go to the CPAP clinic tomorrow, though.  The evaluation is scheduled for December 28th.  I hope that he will remember that I'm there for psychological clearance and not because I'm having issues with the CPAP.  I was told that I have to take the CPAP with me for the psychological evaluation.  I'm not sure why, it doesn't make sense, but that's why I'm worried about it.

Being a Social Work major, I have some knowledge of psychology and I really don't think he'll find anything to keep me from surgery.  I have no eating disorders, no major depression and no delusional disorders.  I've experienced some depression in the past, but it was after my daughter died, and I think that's pretty normal.  At most, I think he might find a bit of an Avoidant Personality Disorder, but since it really doesn't interfere with life functions, I really think it all boils down to my being shy and feeling awkward around everyone else - which most certainly can be weight related.  I'm embarrassed by my weight and don't like to draw attention to myself.  I do not think that losing weight will change my entire life.  I do think that it will make me healthier and will boost my self confidence.  I will go into the evaluation with an open mind and be totally honest.  I'm just worried that issues with the CPAP will keep me from surgery.  There is actually a lot of anxiety about that.

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  1. Just a month away!
    I don't think you'll have any issues with the evaluation.