Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Well, I did it!  Just a day after I made the last post, I made  it to Onederland.  My weight is finally in the 100's.  It's been a long time coming but I did it.  You know the odd thing, I think I made it because I slightly increased my calories.  It makes me wonder if my metabolism just needed a jolt.  I got about 1000 calories a day a few days in a row.  Now I will drop it back down to 800 and see what happens.

Granted the reason for my calorie increase was not a good one.  I was preparing for my twins' birthday party.  I made a ton of lollipops and cupcakes.  I had to sample some to make sure they were okay.  Well, maybe I didn't have to, but would you serve food you hadn't tasted?

The last time I weighed this much was in 2003.  The time before that was high school.  I actually got down to 172 last time I lost a massive amount of weight and will be thrilled to reach that again.

Did you do the math?  8 years ago I weighed 172.  A year ago I weighed 286. I actually gained most of that within a year!  That's a 114 lb gain.  Yikes.  Thank you progesterone & estrogen.  I stand by my claim that Provera is the devil in shot and/or pill form.  So now I've lost 87 lbs of that regain.

That brings me to mini-goals.  I think I've shared some, but I've made a few more so it's time to post them again.

  • 199 lbs (Onederland)
  • Fit into husband's t-shirts
  • 195 lbs (Less than husband)
  • 186 lbs (100 pounds lost)
  • 172 lbs (weight I was at my last weight)
  • 167 lbs / BMI 29 (No longer obese)
  • 150 lbs - Goal Weight
I don't know if I'll get to my goal weight but I'm going to try my hardest!  At 6 months out my weight loss has definitely slowed, but it has not stopped and that's the important part.

The picture above is one that I took at my twins' birthday party.  It was at the Science Center and there was a full length mirror, which I don't have at home, so I took full advantage of it.  Quite honestly, I was surprised by how thin I looked.  I'm also getting my curves back.

Speaking of curves, I've got plenty of them but not how I'd like them.  Sure my breasts are looking a little better, it's no longer the same size as my waist and my pear shape is finally going away, but I have so much loose skin.  This is a picture taken of me from behind.  Those aren't fat rolls on my back.  It's hanging skin.  It's even worse in the front.  So much so that it hangs over my pubic area.  I'd probably be a size 12 by now if it wasn't there.  Maybe even a 10.  But as it is I have to tuck it in and then the front of my jeans look funky (you can see this in the post below where I'm standing in front of my husband's Trans Am.) 

My jeans are baggy in the legs, loose around the waist but tight around the lower abdomen.  I hope everything catches up because I hate it.  It's awful and takes a lot to maintain so I don't get a rash or odor under the skin.  It adds an extra 5-10 minutes to my shower time to make sure everything is completely dry plus adding any powder or anti-chafing gel that may be necessary.

I don't know if plastic surgery will be something that I'll be able to do, but if I have the opportunity I'll definitely consider it.  If I wasn't so diligent with staying dry and clean I'd be having major issues with rashes right now.  We'll see when that time comes. 


  1. way to go Lisa!

    You're doing way better than I am. But then again, I'm not working at it as hard as you are. I am working at not gaining, but have been too busy to do any extra exercise other than walking my dog. And when I was on my trip I didn't eat very well, and ate too much chocolate and coke to keep me awake! On the upside, when I came back, I didn't feel the need to drink lots of coke, as I worried I would. I still drank less than I did before I changed my coke habit. I'm so proud of that! Now if only I would increase my water intake, that would help. I do drink more than I used to but it is still not yet my first choice. Well, anyway good luck! I have a bit of loose skin too, which was weird when I first realized it!!I don't really see a difference when I look in the mirror but people keep telling me "wow you've lost weight!" when they see me. and I know I have because clothes are fitting me better or are too big! weeee! :) keep up the good work!!

  2. WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I've been literally hovering just above Onederland for about a month now. I'm tired of! But save some room for me down there, hopefully I will join you one day (soon would be nice!) You look great!!!